In France, the 1st of May is devoted to bouquets of lilies and Labor Day. But what is it in our European neighbors ? To celebrate this long weekend, VoyagesPirates, expert tips and tourism internet travel offers 5 spring getaways to live differently on May 1, ... Make your choice!

ENGLAND - The Spring Festival in Hastings

The festival "Jack in the green "Gives rise to four-day celebrations in the pretty coastal town of Hastings located 85 km south of London. The city is dressed of green April 28 to May 1 to accommodate a curious parade honoring the flowers, the leaves and others plant elements. Originally, this festival from a Celtic pagan rite to celebrate the arrival of spring. On this occasion, the people of Hastings affublent of flower wreaths of leaves of trees and green paint their face. The festival ends with the massacre of plant representation Jack initiates the arrival of the spirit of summer for the year.

ITALY - Large free music festival in Rome

May Day is celebrated every year to commemorate Italy union movements. On this occasion, the city of Rome hosts since 1990 a free concert organized by Italian unionss. This attracts thousands of young music lovers from around the world. The event lasts until late at night saw perform on stage big names such as Oasis, Lou Reed and Paolo Nutini, along with an almost endless list of Italian classical and popular musicians. It is recommended to arrive at the'Archbasilica of St. John Lateran as soon as possible to avoid the crowds and find a place of choice.

FINLAND - The festive Vappu

The festive Vappu, is one of the most anticipated events of the year Finland. This celebration dates back to the nineteenth century begins April 30 with great carnival resulting in a phenomenal explosion of widespread jubilation. In several Finnish cities, the streets are taken over by a crowd ready to dance, laugh and drink to your heart. The festivities are conducted by students of each city, easily recognizable by their white headgear. AT Helsinki, they are the ones who fight in the evening to file their caps on the statue Havis Amanda. This explosion of collective joy is sprinkled with "Sima"Alcohol is a house that is worth seeing! The next day, people gather in the beautifully decorated parks for the opportunity and engage in gargantuan feasts listening to classical music.

SPAIN and PORTUGAL - Celebrations of folklore for Los Mayos

Virtually all parts of the Iberian Peninsula are celebrating the arrival of spring in the course of festivities called "Los Mayos". The main thread between all regional variants is building on the central square of the towns and villages of "Mayo", the trunk of a large tree dressed with ribbons around which young people dance and party. Young men compete for address climb to the top under the fiery encouragement of young girls who sing traditional songs by the round around the tree.

GERMANY - The great "Rave" in Berlin

City of alternative crops par excellence Berlin puts its party clothes every year on the occasion of May 1, and particularly in the Kreuzberg district. All the bars out their pregnant outside and many makeshift stalls selling drinks on the street. It does not take over the city dweller "poor but sexy" to exult with joy enjoying the first rays of sun. It is common to see troops ravers dancing in the street to be encouraged by grandmothers Berlin from the top of the balcony. Every May 1, a breath of freedom blows hard on this city long oppressed by totalitarianism and the least we can say is that his reputation " European party capital "Is not usurped!

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