Love: the engaging exchanges

Serenity and sustainability are the two key words that illustrate your mindset in 2017. You want simple, authentic, love organic without artifice. Daily ? Not sure ... It seems you still have trouble to separate you from your sacred freedom. This does not prevent you from love for real. From January 1 to February 6, Jupiter ensures the transfer of feelings by creating a large complicity in love. His return back until June 9 complicates trade. Feedback echo the attitude of your spouse towards you: blatant reconciliation when the intentions are full of tenderness, clear away as soon as your heart feels offended. From April 29 to June 6, Venus in Aries comes back with a romance in her cart if you want love. Yesterday, the stories no tomorrow amused you. This year you view the desire to build a serious and lasting relationship. Wish realized, union confirmed from 27 August. Between the two, you get to know you better. With partner, Venus in Gemini (and July) is timely to reset the counters to zero. The tension evaporated, replaced by new and beautiful projects. The visionary side of Sagittarius operates by focusing on profitable business for the family. After recovering the rails late August Saturn isolates your union any external stress. The stability of feelings goes with the strength of the material situation. Jupiter moves away in October but Venus makes the job from 15 per actionable insights to dig to balance social activities and private life. There are choices to make, not simple but necessary. You fumble until 5 November, when Mercury makes its (long) neighborhoods in your sign providing solutions. The planet of communication agrees in writing (contract, lease, marriage) to get involved, even limit the ambitions for the benefit of the relationship. Is this not a beautiful proof of love to give?

The advice of the expert.

Gérard Leleu, doctor and sexologist *.

Sexually, have no taboos can be attractive to the partner. Of course, it's attractive to your partner, who feels grow wings and fly to a new sexual freedom. The catch is that this is not necessarily reassuring for everyone. Especially when the light under the sheets associates with infidels trends. However, it is particularly difficult for those who love you to live daily with the fear of being cheated. Your duty: to reassure! Tell her how much you love, including (or especially?) In bed This is not to promise loyalty for eternity, but to take care of each other and feelings "here and now". To this, add a dash of sentimentality, romance "serious" under the sheets, before returning to frolicking mode. * Author of "The new treaty hugs" and "There is no age for love" (Flammarion).

Silver: an effective grip

You know how you're able to bounce back from failure. Jupiter promising you more income in 2017, you capitalize on for no longer find yourself cornered. From 14 March to 15 May, Mercury suggests spending resources (legal) and management (financial) resources. Reduce expenses, monitor accounts ... the mission of family interest to be executed to the penny. Phew, between 10 and 21 June, the duo Mercury / Jupiter makes you a surprise with a super summer budget. If you've sown, the impact on their promises from 7 July to 10 September. Saturn dual advantages that make life easier and peace of mind. Hang on in October, barely stocked that unforeseen empty the accounts. Mercury comes to the rescue early November by additional activities to earn profits. A premium is also welcome at the end of year to organize the holidays with confidence.

The advice of the expert.

Valérie Marcellier, coach consultant, trainer.

Cutting waste is open! Avoid storing food not to throw when it has expired. And prepare your weekly menus before you go shopping to know exactly what to buy.

Work: tip top projects 

The Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus trio, here your secret weapon to triumph in 2017. Thus connected, these planets give you the flexibility to achieve performance. From the beginning of the year, Jupiter wants you leader. Your ideas appeal to both your energy stimulates the team. You aim the power? Take it ! From January 29 to March 10, Mars associates the audacity to perseverance. You notch and redouble efforts to achieve the goal. Prudence relationally with your particular hierarchy. Saturn recommends to prefer constructive argumentation impulsive confrontation. Your image is re-gilded in April and May by convincing results that save also trust, recognition and financial bonuses. Calls foot challenge you from 10 June. Starting again from the front, Jupiter opens the horizon to proposals from outside or through the existing network. This period also ready to get a job, be transferred or change direction. If you plan to start your business, the lack of resources causes delays ... not so negative in the end, the summer period leaving you time to create the conditions, means and elements to boot. At the start, Sagittarius engages in a way that Saturn describes as copy, paying an ambitious project on his shoulders. You do not see you, do not you rock out on others. No, you assume, even when unexpected makes you doubt (between 6 September and 22 October). Your career grows, your abilities are maximized. You are lying to those you deem too daredevil when success is within your reach. In November Mercure arrives in December Saturn goes: the configuration is optimal to develop activities that stick to your expectations, your ambitions, your aspirations and inspirations.

 The advice of the expert.

 Valérie Marcellier, coach consultant, trainer.

Try to analyze the image you project onto others without realizing it. Is it just, limited, completely distorted? If, in a difficult situation, you do not feel yourself, ask yourself the right questions: "What are my true feelings? What am I afraid to deny them that? How do I cope? What skills and resources do I need to do? Where to find them? ". This exercise certainly emotionally complex, will help find practical solutions to be consistent with yourself.

Shape: perfect justice

Your energy appears constant and steady in 2017. Very quickly you find the right tempo to advance without exhausting yourself. Normal, you realize that your body is your most loyal ally. Saturn teaches you to listen by taking the time to score breaks. Yet the antics of Mercury and Venus until June cause jolts. The form can found again falter, stay tuned. Your legendary optimism remains strong and helps you however to stabilize emotions when they overwhelm you. The summer promises sports and recreation, proof that everything can both laugh, lose weight and firm up. Strengthen your defenses in September, the start of Jupiter exposes you to not wicked but pesky hassle (colds, lumbago). The good news is that Saturn is also going on 21 December. You regain your energy ... not nearly weaken.

The expert's advice

Corinne Bellor, hypnotherapist.

IF your joints suffer, drink a bottle of water a day, eat oily fish three times a week, start the day with a lemon and put yourself to fast walking. 

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