The Mud Day what is it?

It's a race course dotted with type tests of the fighter, much of which takes place in the mud.

For Mud Day Paris, the race of 13 km takes place on a military site, aptly named "Chilly" in western Paris, with steep climbs and lots of pebbles.

And 22 tests are spread on the course, alternating ramping (under barbed wire, in a tunnel ...), climbing (mounds, tightrope ...), crossing obstacles (wooden wall, tilted log scale, straw bales ...) and swimming, all of course in the mud (mud in English).


And to whom it is addressed? 

Good physical condition is required, competition running type to 10 km, a medical certificate is also required at time of registration. While some athletes come to the performance (they go first to run alone), for the common mud girls & boys no test is mandatory, and many can even help each crew for the difficult passages or to exit more quickly mud baths. The minimum age to register is 18, and the youngest, there are this year a Kids course 7 to 11 years.


My TOP 3 trials

Most impressive: The Gravity ladder, a leaning ladder of 3 meters log
Arriving at the top, at the time switch to the other side, my right leg paralyzes under stress and remains blocked under the top log: thanks to my team mud that I finally managed to pass, phew!

The hardest knee: The Horror tunnel, 15 meter ramping in a tunnel stony soil
With pretty blue that appeared the next day, no way for me to put me in a skirt for at least 2 weeks.

The more totally crazy: combo Master Freeze (Mud bath at 1 °) and Where's my country man (Triple slide in the mud)
Still reeling from the ice bath (including head, yes, yes), I start climbing slippery mounds, which become mandatory slide with landing in the orange mud the consistency of applesauce. There, I really wondered what motivated me to do this ...


Yes in fact, why such a craze for Mud days?

Created in France in 2013 by A.S.O (Amaury Sport Organization), the Mud days have multiplied rapidly. 9 editions were held in France this year, and more than 80 000 participants are expected, it is what is called a true phenomenon.

So what motivates girls Mud&guys? Win a Mudaille and Mud beer, test his physical and mental faculties, but above all fun, have a good time with friends or colleagues. Mutual aid, surprise and effort is the triptych that makes a really nice Mud day sporting event to live ... at least once.


In conclusion, my 5 tips for a successful day Mud

1 / Getting ready

In order not to suffer on the day, a drive to the race and upper body strengthening exercises are necessary: ​​to work primarily thighs, arms, chest, abs, trapezoids.
Rest and a healthy diet the day before the race, an energetic breakfast in the morning and go! 

2 / Of surround themselves

Because we often need a helping hand, because it is also a pleasure to share these efforts times, because there are good opportunities for fun ... in short, the Mud day it goes to all the better that we are with good friends mud.

3 / A suitable outfit

Provide light, light, light: unTshirt long sleeves and leggings technical fabric to protect elbows and knees, and for it to dry as soon as possible between two dives. Ankle socks and running shoes, not the news we love, rather those who are already in our walk and not worry too much, because in any case they will go to the machine. Do not forget to remove all jewelry.

4 / Know Boundaries

To avoid injury, it would be stupid, and to avoid too difficult recovery the following days, I recommend good pace yourself, and ask for help to the Mud team when necessary. 

5 / Order sun

Because the Mud day on a sunny day, it's really easy and enjoyable !!! If possible, request a tee time at midday to run during the hottest period. In all cases, there must be a complete change of clothes for after the race.


All about Mud days:

Price from 45 to 78 euros per person