Deny animal suffering

October 2015. The L214 combination - which campaigns for full recognition of animal sentience - published a despicable video, shot in a slaughterhouse in the city of Ales. The images, unsustainable, go around the Web: sheep, pigs, calves, dying in agony.

Since then, similar cases have been revealed: after Ales is the slaughterhouse bio Vigan (Gard) that is under the spotlight, and that of Mauleon-Licharre (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) (!).

In France, 80% of the 800 million chickens for consumption were crammed by the thousands into sheds. 95% of pigs are bred intensively, without ever seeing the light of day. Each year, 50 million male chicks "useless" are passed to the mill. And all this suffering for one purpose: producing meat ...

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Protect the planet

The figure is instructive: according to the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), on its own, livestock is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions. A greater threat than all the cars, all trucks, all trains and all the planes in the world combined!

Even more incredible: in his fifth report, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) says that if we limited our meat consumption to 10 grams of meat per day and our consumptioneggs 80 g per day, that would be enough to reduce about 8% the emissions of greenhouse gases.

The same impact, in fact, that if one half of the world reduced traffic. In France, with our 187 grams of meat per day, we are still far away ...

Be healthier

Cancer. According to an IARC study (International Agency for Research on Cancer), an institution linked to the World Health Organization, "charcuterie and beef, veal, pork, lamb, sheep, horses and goats" promote the development of colorectal cancer when consumed in excess. These foods also play a role in the onset of prostate cancer, liver and theintestine, according to various international studies.

Cardiovascular illnesses. Rich in saturated fat, red meat and sausage promote increased blood cholesterol, which leads to the accumulation of "plaques" in the arteries ... and thus cardiovascular disease (stroke, heart attack, vein thrombosis...).

More generally, a study conducted in 2012 by researchers at Harvard Medical School (USA) over 120 000 states that the "big eaters" meat were 18% more likely than others to contract heart disease 16% extra risk of developing cancer and 13% more likely to die early. It makes you think !

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Discover a different way of cooking

It is not for nothing that, in an interview with the BBC in May 2013, the star chef Joël Robuchon estimated that "vegetarian cuisine will be that the next ten years." Forget the image of Epinal of two salad leaves duel amid a gloomy plate: vegetarian cooking (or vegan) has more than one trick up his sleeve.

The basis of the diet without meat, are the fruits and vegetables in season. It also includes many grains and seeds (especially chickpeas and soy, rich in protein, or lentils and kidney beans, well supplied with calcium). Moreover, it is perfectly possible to "tweak" by performing a Bolognese sauce, hamburger or even a chili sin carne vegetarian ...

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Losing weight

Stop it that the meat to lose weight? "Yes" answer without hesitation researchers. Indeed, in a study published in January 2015 and conducted on 755 participants living in Europe, researchers have shown that a vegetarian diet allowed, on average, lose 4 kg in 6 months.

The vegan diet (no meat, fish, eggs or dairy), he promises a weight loss of about 7 kg in 6 months without deficiencies or frustration. One sign right away!

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