Exercise 1: An invigorating wake 

To start the day and let go of your trouble waking up, here are three easy keys to integrate into your daily rituals: smile, lemon and rebounding!

In the morning, as soon as you open your eyes, remember to smile immediately. Your body will then produce hormones naturally and automatically welfare that will influence your mood all day.

Then, still fasting, drink a glass of lemon (in warm water preferably) to moisturize, balance pH and vitalize your body in bed jumping

And finally, do some small rebounds on hand to stimulate the flow of liquids in your body and so the proper functioning of your organs for the day!


Exercise 2: The mirror of my friends

To let go, do you help your friends, or rather the image they will return to you. And especially thank them!

To do this, list the friends, relatives, whose eyes particularly important to you, no matter whether pleasant or not. For each person, describe what you think she thinks of you. Then wrap what you like in these different perspectives on you and point out what you would like to change.

Thank each person for the positive image it returns you evoking the points you surrounded and ask how you could, she said, improve others. The results of this approach can really surprise you ...


Task 3: J'observes, j'learn and I am delighted!

You have the feeling that some people in your professional circle do not bring you any good and do you waste time or energy? How about changing your perspective on the situation?

Step back and look at these people as if they each had something to teach you to very useful for your professional development. What message he wanted to convey fate by putting that person on your career?

Learn by observing and rejoice in advance for all you're going to collect good for you. See things in a positive manner, and your days will be enjoyable.


Exercise 4: Your dream list

Imagine yourself in a few decades, healthy and with great memories full head.

What are the dreams that you would like to achieve by this?

Realize your dream list, or list of dreams. List the incredible and exciting moments you want to live at least once in your life. List the places you like to go, and above all, dare to dream! 

Suddenly, your little daily pleasures become much less guilt-inducing. And who knows ... you might even live far greater!


Exercise # 5: Play together

You have a tendency lately to avoid certain people in your family as their presence is unbearable you?

And if you find a way to offer a moment to share during which you would not have to speak, but just to have fun, to laugh or to play?

A theatrical release to see a funny movie, game night company, a game of football or tennis with the family? Free children trapped inside of each of you and play together!

Find many other exercises and tips in 5 minutes a day to let go, finally!, Cécile Neuville Editions Leduc.S, 15 €.

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