Take glass bottles, grab cotton and put a smell on it. Lock him in the bottle and let your little apprentices feel the glow that escapes. To them guessing! Put example of cinnamon, vanilla, bitter almond and ask them what it makes them think. You will be surprised by their answers! Some say it smells like grandma cake (which uses almond paste), others assure you that this is the shower gel (almond), others swear it s' is the cake (marzipan). "And they will all right! "Exclaims Dominique Montoux. "Everyone hangs up a souvenir to a molecule that is really the same."

You can also make bridges at this game. After having made them taste a cake with vanilla or basic marzipan, fun to isolate the smell and make them feel.

However, do not offer scents that children do not know like coriander, ginger ...

You have 3 minutes?