Maternity, sports and Instagram do they mix?


This is the current trend in social networks. Ni or vloggeuses bloggers, the fitmoms (shaped mothers) invaded the canvas. This new kind of celebrity has emerged in 2013 with Maria Kang. This mother proudly displayed his muscular abs with her three young children and asked women: "What's your excuse?". Since then, many mothers have taken over. They expose their mini-bellies on the canvas via #fitmom, a hashtag that now has over 8 million publications. Their goal? Prove that you can not turn into whale during pregnancy, even make more guilty of. Indeed, this success attracts both admiration and indignation of users.

The Chontel Duncan fitness instructor is part of the #fitmoms community. In March it published a picture of her and her best friend, both pregnant, but with bellies so different. "Every woman carries her child differently and it certainly does not mean that one of them did something wrong or is not healthy. We both have babies who grow up in good health and we both had a wonderful pregnancy so far. We felt very well and are full of energy", Captioned Chontel. The contrast between the sizes of the two containers was the target of much criticism.


If people point the finger too intensive sports practice, physicians are seeing no danger. However, do not take enough weight during pregnancy is harmful to the baby. This can cause fetal developmental problems and may increase the risk of infant mortality. And what is more beautiful than a pregnant belly? Regardless of its size. 

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