Eat when you have nausea ...

Generally, vomiting is preceded by nausea, this too familiar sensation that signals that we are on the verge of throwing up ... It is often enough to eat to solve the problem as soon as the stomach is somewhat full, nausea fades. That said, it may not work every time: it also depends a lot of the foods you consume (and their odors) ... Only you can determine where you raise the heart and those you can eat without risk of vomiting, but be aware that in general, starches (eg. breads, whole grains, pasta) are very well tolerated. You can not always be said of eggs, fish or poultry ... Why are these foods often seen as "disgusting" during pregnancy? Just because the body uses this ruse to dissuade you from absorbing potentially harmful substances for the baby (eg. Eggs can carry Salmonella, responsible for salmonellosis). It is for the same reason that many pregnant women also develop an aversion to caffeine, alcohol and tobacco ...


Against morning sickness

Like other nausea, famous Morning sickness can be alleviated quickly by food intake. The trouble is that to eat, we must first stand up, join the kitchen and prepare breakfast. All this without vomiting if possible ... The trick is to keep some dried fruit or even handy crackers on your nightstand. That way, you can calm down your nausea being still in bed
Also, be aware that there is nothing such as agitation and stress to worsen morning sickness. Running in all directions from waking to arrive on time at the office or take the kids to school in the disaster is a very bad idea ... To reduce the risk of vomiting, arrange so as to have time for you in the morning, even ring your alarm clock a little earlier than usual: you can gently out of bed and enjoy the quiet breakfast ...


Rest and splitting meals: a winning combination 

Fatigue can aggravate nausea and vomiting, it is recommended that you rest as much as possible. If necessary, please take naps ... But not immediately after eating: Leave a gap of at least 2 hours between your last meal and your nap. It is also advised to observe a large golden rules of good nutrition for pregnant women: split your food intake. Several small meals throughout the day will allow you to always have the stomach "somewhat filled", Away from the risk of nausea. You can for example provide a breakfast, a snack mid-morning, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.


Drinking enough against dehydration

Who says says vomiting risk of dehydration, especially if they are quite common. To compensate, try to regularly consume liquids (eg. Mineral water, herbal tea, soup) and fruits rich in water like grapes for example.


Think of the alternative medicine ... 

As for alternative medicine, homeopathy can be effective against vomiting of pregnancy (eg. Ipecac, Colchicum, Symphoricarpus). Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice. Acupuncture and Osteopathy are also often recommended against nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.


When to consult?

Normally, vomiting of pregnancy are not serious for both mother and baby. However, if they are too abundant and / or frequent, they can become disabling: do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you vomit a lot. If necessary, he may prescribe an anti-emetic compatible with your pregnancy. Similarly, it is recommended to consult if your vomiting persist after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This is simply a precautionary measure to ensure that you are not suffering from digestive diseases - not necessarily very serious matter - that could explain these prolonged vomiting (usually vomiting are rather confined to early pregnancy).


A special case: hyperemesis gravidarum

It really is extremely rare, but some pregnant women can not swallow without vomiting immediately after: this is called hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a serious problem that must be handled medically because food can not provide enough water and nutrients to the fetus and mother under these conditions. Check immediately if you develop signs of dehydration (eg. Rare and very dark urine) and / or rapid weight loss: more treatment is implemented quickly, you incur less risk.

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