Wash new clothes

It may seem surprising, yet! It is essential to wash the same Baby clothing before him to wear for the first time ... Even if this little shirt Spiderman looked very clean in the store, in fact, it is probably covered with microbes (imagine how many moms have fiddled before you!), dust (obviously: he remained in radius) and even chemicals (dye residues, for example).

Choosing laundry

At the supermarket, no need to choose a Laundry detergent "Special baby": these are often more expensive than others for the same effectiveness. The only important factor is the presence of the word "hypoallergenic": this means that the laundry has been dermatologically tested to prevent the development ofallergies. Please note that the term 'dermatologically tested' is not enough: it does not include allergy risks.

Ideally, avoid washing powder that can leave nasty residues (and irritating) on ​​baby clothes. Also choose a scented laundry too (or else, opt for natural perfumes) and check for phosphate casting a glance at the composition!

For washing by hand, opt for the simplicity of Marseille's soap flake - to find on the internet or in health food shops.

Should we add softener / softener? Baby planners are formal: it is unnecessary and may even be irritating, especially during the first year.

Select the right temperature (and the right program)

For bed linen, bibs, towels, bodysuits, cloth diapers, the security blanket (If it is not too fragile): 60 ° C.

For all other clothes (pajamas, T-shirts, pants, socks) and fluff (should be washed about every month): 30 ° C.

For delicate fabrics (wool baby clothes, for example): a hand wash with soap.

In case of loose stools or regurgitation (unfortunately frequent in the first year), detach immediately with cold water - hot water risk, on the contrary, stamps the stain into the fibers - and soap.

Although it is tempting (! Because we are overwhelmed) does not shorten the rinse cycle: it limits the presence of detergent residue. If your baby has irritated skin and / or rash, do not hesitate to schedule a double rinse.

For drying, trust the instructions on labels: all the clothes do not go in the dryer. However, for those who go there, go for a longer drying cycle to recover a soft cloth and dry. Out of the question to wet fabrics in the wardrobe Baby and / or leave the wet laundry in the drum of the machine: the risk of infection is very real.

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Organizing daily

When baby arrives, detergents become immediately much (much) more frequent. In order not to spend his life, baby planners recommend to dedicate a day a week to washing: a small organization that will help us to blow! Of course, this involves having a small stock in clothes ...

Thank you to Tiphanie, Mom and Founder of L'Atelier des Mums.

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