The gerbera is a houseplant that gives a real shot of boost thanks to its bright colors and its shape reminiscent of a giant daisy. Just with his colors, he managed to put you in a mild euphoria. Gerbera literally shines with its yellow, red, orange, pink, purple and white, diversity is huge. Down to earth, honest and joyful: these are the qualities of gerbera. ! It brings positive energy to your apartment! Do not be afraid to multiply. In the language of flowers, the meaning of gerbera is deep love, tender thoughts.

 Gerbera is native to Asia, South America and Tasmania. Economic, we find this plant very easily. Entretretien side, it is easy to live, place in a lighted area and water the regularly.

 Last month, you enjoyed the succulent, through the Office Dutch flowers, discover the Holy Paulia next month.

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