First step: acclimate the Christmas tree
After following our advice to buy a Christmas tree, learn how to replant in your garden.
Your tree has spent a few weeks in hot, in a dry atmosphere. He may have lost its needles. We must rehabilitate the cold gradually. Store it at first for a week in a slightly heated room and bright veranda type, then a few days in an outside shelter. Think of the water as soon as its dry root ball and spraying water on his hands. After this period of rehabilitation, you can find a place in your garden.

Step Two: choose a suitable location
Fir will grow in height, spread width and occupy space in depth. Suspicion, its roots could interfere if pipes or foundations. So choose a location away from curbs, any construction and other plants so that it grows well and to avoid that it becomes cumbersome over the years.
Distances can be more or less important depending on the species. The Norway spruce (Picea abies) eg grows very fast and can reach 20 meters high in the wild. The Nordmann (Abies nordmanniana), another popular species displays for its slow growth (20 to 25 years are necessary to reach 10 meters).
Fir likes in partial shade and in damp areas. Also avoid windy and exposed in full sun locations. This promotes the appearance of holes and stripping. 

Step Three: replant Christmas trees
It should proceed to transplantation or freeze period and rain. You can work even if there is snow, provided the soil is not frozen.
Dig a hole equivalent to twice the pot diameter and as long. Add to land a third of compost or a little fertilizer for coniferous if you do not compost. 
Dépotez fir or remove the net from its root ball and roots bathe in water in a bucket. You can output the when no water bubble escaping.
Then place the root ball without breaking it or touching the root system in the center of the hole. Balance out the tree and put the land on the surface. Finally, tamp the soil and water well. If there is snow, bring a small pile on the plowed surface, this will protect the tree. You can also mulch with leaves or pine bark.
If your tree has a size greater than 1.50 m, it is best to stake to hold it in place and prevent the winds uproot.
Ask the tutor through to avoid damaging the roots and push it on at least one third of its height. Connect it to the trunk with wire. Remember to put between the wire and the trunk a piece of cork, for example, not to hurt the tree.

Step Four: maintain the Christmas tree
The maintenance of a Christmas tree is reduced. It basically performs during the first years to make a good recovery. Make sure the water during hot summer days (above 25 ° C). Sprinkle as its needles. This will push the red spiders or slow their proliferation.
In winter, it is not necessary to water your tree, except in very dry period to promote the formation of new roots.
You should not trim or prune the spruce because it could harm their natural form. 

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