• For the holidays
  • For lunch with stepmother
  • For lunch on the terrace
  • To meet the teachers of small
  • For a house party
  • To go dancing
  • To go to work
  • For an arty opening
  • To get down to the beach
  • In a ceremony
  • To its market
  • For a dinner with friends
  • To relax at home
  • To play the star

Credits: The Fairy Mekong

For the holidays

Sunbathing or thin straps, the long hippie dress is perfect under the sun. It is played in thongs and day straw hat, offset and large creole evening.

Cotton Dress (69.90 euros) and, back, printed cotton dress (44.90 euros), The Fairy of the Mekong.

Credits: Kookai

For lunch with stepmother

A classic with its simple form, refinement of lace and the softness of pastel ... It had its effect remaining sage.

Lace Dress cotton, 109 euros, Kookai.

Credits: Bonprix

For lunch on the terrace

Timeless, dress 3 holes reinvent retro printed. It gives him the charm of the dolce vita with big glasses and strappy sandals, it's chic and sexy.

Dress in printed cotton, 29.95 euros, Bonprix.

Photo Credits: Comptoir des Cotonniers

To meet the teachers of small

The dots on navy background but are tradi news every spring. We do not hesitate to wear it with a basic raw belt and a denim jacket to give it a youthful look cool, but not lax.

Dress in viscose (145 euros) and jacket (110 euros), Comptoir des Cotonniers.

Credits: Lolita Lempicka for Ekyog

For a house party

Delightfully retro, strapless dress is back. We like its simplicity and large pockets for hands in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dress in cotton percale, 109 euros, Lolita Lempicka for Ekyog.

Credits: Heine

To go dancing

Ultra trend, the bustier is synonymous with glamor. To be sexy just right, we chose the pastel. To be the pus beautiful on the dance floor, a nice size is chosen.

Dress in tulle and satin polyester, 109,90 euros, Heine.

Credits: Karl Marc John

To go to work

The jersey for comfort and your tobacco to feel summer, the shirt dress is a perfect partner to accessorize according to his mood. At the office, for example, with heels and fine jewelry for style and assurance.

Dress cotton and viscose (39 euros) and vest in cotton, viscose and cashmere (59 euros), Karl Marc John.

Credits: Pepe Jeans's

For an arty opening

A cut dress V with a printed pop art worthy of Andy Warhol. Worn with a blazer, she takes a cocktail look. Colorful accessories add a playful artistic note.

Printed Dress cotton (120 euros) and gabardine blazer (120 euros), Pepe Jeans's.

Credits: Monoprix

To get down to the beach

The tank dress striped version extended to the ankle to look good when arriving on the sand, he was offered the exotic with a fedora and flip flops. At this price, we love.

Cotton Dress, € 18, Monoprix.

Credits: 1.2.3

In a ceremony

It revives the lace, but clean shape for elegance without fuss and with graphic accessories for style. The detail that counts: its tiny sexy sleeve.

Dress cotton lace, 149 euros 1.2.3.

Credits: Tex Carrefour

To its market

We love the freshness of this sleeve dress for shopping to cool Sunday morning. The advantage: a drawstring waist to adjust according to her figure.

Dress cotton cloth drawstring waist, 19 euros, Tex exclusively at Carrefour.

Credits: Loft design by

For a dinner with friends

Smart casual, feminine variation of the man's shirt with flat shoes on days when we run and heeled sandals sophistiqueront the more especially if we add a neck end or Creole.

Shirt Dress Viscose, 145 euros, Loft design by.

Credits: Bella Jones

To relax at home

Romantic, loved the old underwear next to his shirt front lace and comfort of its soft jersey invites us to relax. To get to town, it is placed on jeans so cool.

Cotton dress, 155 euros, Bella Jones.

Credits: C&AT

To play the star

On the fate of the great evenings, long, silver as gold, to play the sirens. The large class is like an absolute sobriety here before but with a surprise back. On heels and no jewelry, it is sufficient in the same.

Dress in fluid jersey, 69 euros, C&AT