1 - Dare to mix & match 

If there's one thing that particularly like Céline Dion, it is mix the materials, patterns and styles to reinvent the looks at infinity. A leather croco bag with a look combining jeans and cotton finished with a pair of patent leather shoes? She said yes! A classic combination worn with a bra apparent lace: yes again! Like the dress sweater dress with a snakeskin coat to reinvent it completely.

>> We take the seed for give that little je ne sais quoi in addition to our everyday outfits and upgrade our classic!  Finished associations parts without reliefs, we dare a pretty printed top that mixes a declination textures giving pep to our outfit. For example, with a black carrot pants you wear a top fancy twists and coordinated black jacket with a leather or suede. A total white look? We dare mix lace sweater and summer cotton etc .. to you to give free rein to your desires, moderation still not oscillate between tops & flops fashion as the singer can still afford it.


2 - Hire a stylist

The secret of fashion transformation Céline Dion? His new fashion adviser, Roach Law ! To find the best pieces, have a second look wise on his pace and learn how to combine printed and materials, Celine has found nothing better than to offer the services of a style accomplice who knows what he speaks. Well done Celine!

>> When is not sure of getting it right way or how to find her style, do not hesitate to call a professional to relook ! This is the key to successful change and the ideal solution to avoid fashion faux pas in real life. 


3 - Do not take fashion too seriously!

This is perhaps THE secret of sartorial transformation Celine! She dares all the original features without putting fashion on a pedestal like when she does not hesitate to play them in hilarious high fashion models for Vogue. Celine is open to all design options and lets talk spontaneity to choose his outfits of the day but it also knows how to dress without overdoing it or not to stop on an outfit that is less unifying than another. As reported her stylist Law Roach Telegraph "Some things do not work, but that's the nature of fashion, she was never afraid to discover new things. ".

>> Sometimes fashion becomes a headlock, one puts pressure for a simple look and we forget the basics: have fun! While we do not require to wear a trend piece and does not force to be ultra lookée when will feel more comfortable in a simple outfit. our moods is allowed to talk as much as our tastes to choose our outfit of the day If you want to be comfortable betting on a casual look or sporty chic, if you feel so audacious humor By displaying a sharper but held treat yourself first!  

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