The belt is worn according to your style but also the look you want. It adds value to a basic garment giving it a plus. It can also transform a classic product like a trench coat or a suit jacket in one piece more likely.

Full version, wear your belt through the loops of your pants or shorts with your back up into your bottom. On a dress, put it on top of the hips and adjust it according to your desire. If you have a small waist, highlight the maximum. A small stomach, place your slightly loose belt and blouse made your dress. This is called playing with the volumes.

a more trendy look, you can bet on the tall or wear the belt tied as we have seen on the catwalk.

To remember : do not wear your seat belt on the hips if they are wide. Place it rather just above the last to refine and divert attention. Do not hesitate to emphasize your waist or play with your belt and your clothes to smooth your silhouette.

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