essential piece of our summer wardrobe, the white dress is not reserved for the best day of your life but it is doing in countless ways all throughout the summer. 
Small models of guide to adopt and how to wear them according to the occasion!

What white dress for attire?

Not always easy to dress casual in the city! To counterbalance the flashy white effect, adopt long dresses sober and covering the leg or models bohemian spirit for a look but always assumed circumstance. Wear them with spaghetti straps when the sun gives, with sleeves when the climate is less forgiving. Your 1.60m makes you doubt the model? Learn to wear the robe being small or bet on the short takes a summer air through linen fabric or perforated cotton.

What white dress to the office?

White being bold enough in either a work outfit, go for chic simplicity models three holes, of the elegant straight cutsor even tissue slightly flared on the skirt for a feminine look without going overboard.

What white dress for a day at the beach?

When the dress plays swimsuit overcoat, dare map transparency gracefully through bohemians and openwork embroidery that give the replica sails that suggest the skin they show it. The opportunity to wear the perfect outfit vacation, feet in the water!

What white dress for summer evenings and occasions?

When the outputs are festive, put the upgraded models a strapless, a beautiful neckline dipping a tulle mind ceremony or flying trendy. Not to wear your pretty models in floral lace, always chic.

Finally, remember our 2 golden rules for good wearing the white dress :
1- Always choose an opaque cloth -except the beach dress - white because transparency makes untidy.
2- Accessorise your white dress to avoid the effect of the pristine white nightgown.

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