As trendy as the version trousers, The playsuit should definitely have a place in your suitcase. Why ? Just because it is a highly functional piece. With it, you can say goodbye to the eternal: "I have nothing to wear". In addition to this, it comes to infinity and appears in all styles to stick to your personality and / or your life. In addition, the playsuit agrees with almost everything: blazer, Jean jacket, jacket way Perfecto, white sneakers, flat sandals or offset. In short, you'll understand the jumpsuit is officially synonymous with practicality! But side cuts and patterns, what does it give?

1- playsuit: which model for which morphology?

- bare shoulders : Bardot neckline, this trend inherited from the sixties, is still relevant. Luckily, because this year many playsuits fell under the spell of this perfect neckline for small breasts. The "off shoulder", As he is known on the other side of the Atlantic, highlights your tan, your bust and brings sensuality and femininity to your look. If you want to buy one jumpsuit, is officially to this type of model that you have to turn. 

- Strapless : The jumpsuit Version strapless is trendy too. Perfect for parties, it brings a little sexiness to your look. Problem, this type of model is not suitable for everyone. And yes, unfortunately, too big breasts will go without. 

- the flying : This year it was a little flying-mania. On skirts, on dresses and even sweaters. So if you still have not made overdoose, adopt the trend on your jumpsuit. Prefer a model with ruffles at the neckline for a look that is both relaxing and glamor that rebalances a silhouette with generous hips.

2- playsuit: how to wear?

In number 1: We put onthe printed gingham obviously. It mixes perfectly with the jumpsuit. To believe that these two were made for each other. And yes, with a playsuit fully gingham, you retro summer style! Other printed in vogue : the wax. It will make your playsuit an outfit that feels good travel, and boost your colors and patterns look as cheerful as pep. It is closely followed by print tropical, modern and exotic, which is sufficient in itself. 
Want to an original print? Look for patterns that celebrate nature. Between Animals toucans and parrots and fruits: pineapple, watermelon and kiwi, you have plenty to do. And yes, the summer we can all afford, then it is time to dare! As for scratches or peas, they are a safe bet if you're stuck for inspiration.

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