• What sticking to what style?
  • What sticky choose for my figure?
  • The tights that "cheat"
  • The quality and size of tights?
  • How to maintain?
  • And the leggings?

Credits: Sun.

What sticking to what style?

The sticky feminine silhouette and gives it a twist depending on the model you choose.

For a classic look, choose tights match the color of your shoes and texture of your clothes. For example, with a gray skirt and black shoes, wear black tights. If the skirt is made of thick fabric that you wear casual shoes, tights are textured and fantasy. If it's a gray taffeta skirt and wearing black satin stilettos, opt for black veil tights, transparent as possible.

For a bold look, playing with colors and textures. Do not limit yourself to respect the shades of one color, try to combine the colors of the same tone. Also test the textures associations. If you are all in black, looking for original textures. If your wardrobe is in brown, give pep with orange. After a few tries, you will very quickly what suits you best.

You prefer neutral colors. Stay in this range: gray and brown, navy blue and black, ivory and brown, etc. With an off-white wool skirt and casual loafers in brown suede, choose tights brown ribs.

For a glamorous look with a little black dress ... Sumptuous black lace tights will give pep to any dress. The colored spice nets a simple black dress and remain glamorous.

Like shoes ... original, while careful not to choose too fancy tights. Match your tights with a color of your shoes. If you wear heels, prefer sailing or semi-opaque tights. With boots or wedges, go for opaque models.

Credits: Sun.

What sticky choose for my figure?

The color side, only trial and error will help you target those who agree with your figure. However, keep in mind that light colors or original effects (fishnet patterns ...) tend to thicken the leg, while the darker tones and natural pleasantly thin.

If you are looking to improve your figure, the ideal is to choose matte or glossy opaque tights but united as the grounds grow the leg.

If you are a little round at the bottom, avoid wearing tights lights as eyes will be drawn to this part of your body. Play the originality of your assets.

If you are thin, you can afford, provided they do not commit an error of taste. For example, avoids sticky striped wool dress with weight and above, go 30 years, fishnet tights is avoided with the mini skirt in leather or satin ...

Model Photo: Sun, sticky Effect Metallic Gold, 3.60 euros

Credits: Le Bourget

The tights that "cheat"

Flat stomach, buttocks back, sheathing ... there are more of tights that help you "cheat" and enhance your silhouette.

The effect is quite satisfactory but it will limit you to the basic colors, sails or opaque and especially spending a little more than the base model. But with a tight dress, pantyhose flat stomach gives a stunning effect.

Camera Model: Le Bourget, sticky 90 D

Credits: Sun.

The quality and size of tights?

If you're just fantasy, the quality is not essential and it is useless to ruin.

Conversely, it is important as to your wardrobe, have sound values. A sticky black veil, a chair and an opaque, basic which agree with everything. Do not hesitate to spend a few more euros for your purchase: the low-end tights always have a life very limited, and they spin faster. In the long run, you will inevitably win financially. To measure the degree of resistance of a pair of tights, beware the number of funds. Sticky range from 8 to 100 denier.

Carefully choose the size: Most packs have a small table to select the one that suits you, depending on your height and weight. If tights are too narrow, you may not be comfortable and tear quickly. Too large size will produce a very unsightly puckering effect.

Model Photo: Sun, sticky Spirit Pullover Black / Gray pattern 12.50 euros and knit leggings Effect Storm Gray, 14.50 euros

Credits: Sun.

How to maintain?

Unfortunately there is not a magic recipe. We must of course pay attention to addicts, wash and dry them gently.

The ideal is to wash them by hand and dry them in air. Tights, even the finest support machine washing provided to them in a net as your underwear.

A grandmother tip: if your file sticky in the day and you can not change, try to find the varnish hardener and lightly apply at the addict, it will take until evening. And of course for your days "marathon" tights 60 denier will be stronger than 10 denier.

Model Photo: velvety opaque tights and black tights Night openwork stripes Black, Sun

Credits: Le Bourget

And the leggings?

Indispensable in a wardrobe, leggings chooses cotton.

It is selected for its comfortable and sexy side with a dress or a long sweater. We dare original finishes such closures or pressure. We like the fact that it allows curves to soften the silhouette.

Model Photo: leggings fantasy Roxy, Le Bourget

Once your well chosen tights, find our tips for choosing your skirt.

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