It did not take her up. Valérie Damidot was very upset by the comments of his replacement on M6, Sophie Ferjani. The replica was scathing ... We explain. 

Invited on the show C to You, the former star designer M6, discovered live an excerpt from an interview with Sophie Ferjani on LCI. The latter is not kind to the one it replaces in D&CO. Indeed, it has been suggested before his arrival, the program was not in, "That's great, it's real deco. We came back to the core values ​​of the show, is to make a decorating show where we talk about trends, what was perhaps a little lost. We met with all emissions somewhat similar. "

Hey, not friendly to criticize his former colleague's reaction ... Valérie Damidot today on NRJ12 host, was not waiting. It first launched ironically a "Thank you Sophie, it's cool," before continuing, visibly hurt by the criticism: "I do not think it's very nice, because I did not feel like another thing of the decor. But hey, you can not stop people from thinking what they think. I make false Deco for 10 years ... It's crazy, that, to say that I'm counterfeit decor, maybe it's because I have not the designer's degree, because " it takes a ... She decorator, I have just common sense ". One point everywhere.

Valérie Damidot did not yet finished with the critics. The presenter will soon unveil Damidot The Lab, a NRJ12 on science program. Viewers as journalists waiting at the turn. Pressing it also struggling to live as she recently told the BBC: "The lab does not work? Only on TV. We are here to entertain people. You, the media, I think you are very severe with emissions that start. It makes me angry when I see you waiting at the corner of the wood, with the gun to knock out the latest ". Well we at Femme Actuelle, we wish him it works!