Christian had almost come to steal the spotlight! Jean-Luc Reichmann, who runs the 12 strokes of noon, loses its most loyal and powerful candidate following the elimination this Saturday, January 14, 2017 Christian, he had called, rightly, "the teacher". 

There are some weeks when the rumor, Jean-Luc Reichmann had to find well skilled formulas to not answer THE question: what Christian would soon be eliminated? Accustomed, the host had managed not (too) give clues. And we imagine that the days that have just passed have not been easy for him. The release of the 12 strokes of noon are almost recorded a month before they are broadcast on TF1. Suffice to say that Christian as Jean-Luc Reichmann had to bite his tongue many times. 

There are more than six months they know. Between them, an obvious complicity was born. It seems that the facilitator and Christian remain in contact with friends and also, perhaps, for the specials needs? 

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