Browsing the world constantly. But where exactly do you live?

As I travel a lot, I try to feel comfortable wherever I go, because otherwise it is very challenging. The most important for me is to be with my husband and my children, which makes my trips not necessarily easier, but much more pleasant. We have several "home": in Montreal, Florida and Las Vegas.

Do you know where you will spend the Christmas holidays?

Surely in Las Vegas, because I will be back on stage from December to March. We have already celebrated Christmas with the whole family with my mother last week, it was memorable! Little matter that ultimately celebrates Christmas in July or December, so we spend a wonderful time with the people we love.

The constant demands of the fans do they weigh?

When they stop me in the street to ask me for autographs, I find it normal. This is not the kind of thing that unsettles me or irritates me. If you want to be known and people buy our records, we can not expect peace when you walk in the street. What annoys me are the lies of the tabloids. They can not believe that we are still in love, Rene and I, and they expect us to make a mistake, a wrong step.

How do you live?

I personally cash. What I am less tolerant is that my family or my friends, who are not necessarily part of this environment, wonder if what they read is true ... All this is really stressful. Talk to my husband, he spends his days on the phone to manage all these problems.

Your husband protects you a lot?

Yes, I am very fortunate. For me, life is simple. I say yes or no to a song, I accept or refuse invitations, I try to sing the best I can and be the best parent possible. Frankly, I can not complain. I saw a personal and professional fairytale. So much happiness for one woman, it's hard to believe!

At home, what kind of woman are you? Are you a good cook, for example?

Alas, I do not cook much. Not that I do not like it, but I do not have much time. When I do, I prefer to play with my kids. However, I'm not anywhere in the kitchen. I do not know who said that true talent is knowing accommodate the remains. In any case my specialty. I can make fabulous!

And the decoration of your homes is a hobby?

I love beautiful things: tablecloths, crockery, earthenware ... I grew up in a poor family and, honestly, I do not know much. So I surround myself with great people. The styles of my houses are very varied. That of Montreal is classic, with lots of red wood, large curtains, tassels, thick cushions, antique beds ... In Las Vegas, the mind is modern, black floors and white walls. In Florida, the home is in the colors sand. It overlooks the beach and merges with the sea.

And for jewelry, which are your preferences?

I have mania to match my jewelry in my wardrobe ... I advise you to try, because it is a very expensive habit (laughs)! My husband gave me a few ornaments that belonged to Maria Callas. I am also very committed to pink, translucent stone that my son Rene-Charles I reported on a shopping spree with his godmother when he was three. They are worthless, but I care enormously. So I brought them up necklace and ring by my jeweler and I often wear. Things really important we give them, you see. What is certain is that I need the space for all my jewelry. And not a box, a whole room! This is why we do not stop moving, the room is becoming too small! 

You are in great shape. How do you keep fit?

We have a good metabolism in the family. On the side of my father, for example, tends to be long and thin. So I can not really assign me to merit this side, especially as I'm not really exercise. I hate sports! I train vocally lot, but little for my physical. Naturally, I tend to lose weight and to be honest, I probably would wear myself better with a few kilos more. But I'm not complaining, I am very happy of my physical, and my husband does not seem to complain about either. And then, my children help me stay active. I love going to the beach with them or walk in the mountains.

What motherhood changed you?

I have always enjoyed life, but even more every day since I am a mother. Looking back, I realize what my parents did for me. Their devotion and how they offer us a simple happiness. On winter mornings, my mom opened the door for me to eat my warm bread before facing my 25 minute walk in the freezing cold to get to school. This attention every day is unforgettable. Today I thank God for giving me such parents, such a family and such a life.