Better not hit the post or the friend of Cyril Hanouna. Gilles Verdez, one of columnists TPMP, visited Joey Starr in his dressing room before the Idol show. But the rapper has clearly not appreciated. The sequence degenerates into full live. The jury of New Star slap Gilles Verdez that spring bleeding from the arcade. 

No repentance for Joey Starr

Cyril Hanouna is shocked. Annoyed, he asks for apology from Joey Starr. He even threatened to not make the antenna to the TV talent show broadcast on the same channel, if it does not happen. In vain. The former rapper refuses to do his mea culpa

Behavior not without consequences for the Gaza Cyril Hanouna. The producer of the show announced that there would be no issue on Wednesday.

When the cloth gets involved

In less than 24 hours, the words TPMP # # # Verdez JoeyStarr identify nearly 500,000 tweets. The hashtag #joeystarrgate was even launched. The "fanzouzes" issuance are outraged by the violent act of Joey Starr. On Twitter, they call for a boycott of the show. 

Others feel the injury exaggerated Gilles Verdez. Teasing fuse. 

Worse, internet users suspect a great blow communication from the D8 chain. curiosity effect requires: a peak audience took place at the end of the TPMP. For New Star, the 2 million mark was reached in early emission.