Exuberant sometimes shy and sensitive, often. Muriel Robin, who will return to the theater, has engaged extensively in an interview with our colleagues from Paris. Faced with readers of the newspaper, she talked about her career, of course, but also of its womanhood.

This is particularly the maternity Muriel Robin was expressed: "When I could, I was pregnant once, and I had a miscarriage. Today, I often think, inevitably. I would have a big boy or big girl, my life would have been completely different. Besides, I think I'm terribly kindergarten. Next time I will take the "life with children" for sure (...). A friend of mine has discovered a 11 year old son because the mom decided to tell her and I envied."

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Always comparing with the role she will sing on stage at the Theater of Paris with François Berléand in September, Muriel Robin is revealed: "I was very very upset at a time in my life. I have some leftovers, but frankly, it is quiet but a life without children there's something ... it's a life to organize, which is not in a scheme. It's very difficult to stand up for oneself in the morning. When we get up for anyone ... one can stand up to his parents when they are not there for the person you love but ..."

She was convinced that early adoption, decided it was perhaps too late. Today, at 60, Muriel Robin considers to be "at the age of being grandmother".

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