Have you recognized? It is good of him, but without the iconic music and sweat beading on his forehead ... Richard Dean Anderson, well known for playing the role of MacGyver, this superhero mega resourceful that with a piece of string and ham rind could achieve a catamaran, is now 65 years old.

He discovered that one thin, athletic and charming, has changed. It's from 1985 to 1994 that Richard Dean Anderson played MacGyver, that made the character popular actor, and has made him the darling of the girls. After several adventures with American celebrities including Richard Dean Anderson eventually appear with Apryl Prose with which he has had in 48 years, a little girl in 1998.

Richard Dean Anderson lives between Vancouver and Los Angeles. It was there that he was spotted recently. sometimes wearing a beautiful gray mustache rather healthy, the actor has changed radically and physical style. Gone are the small leather jacket, hello casual jogging to go shopping ... hair side, we can realize that Laurent Delahousse has finally invented anything and everything copied MacGyver ... young. We'll let you see for yourselves. 

For the nostalgic, the generic MacGyver: