While attending the American show Running Wild With Bear Grylls, who plays Monica Geller in the Friends series, now aged 52, confessed regret having yielded to the knife. Frightened at the prospect of growing old and becoming a pariah in Hollywood, Courteney Cox preferred to resort to cosmetic surgery in order to stay young and beautiful. Operations which it is now far from being proud ...  

"Being female and older is not easy in this business", She told the famous host Bear Grylls in the issue of August 22, confirming rumors about possible cosmetic surgery. Courteney Cox continues: "I think I did everything not to grow old. You have to relax and not try ... You try desperately so. And then one day you see yourself in a photo and you say to yourself, 'Oh my God, you're horrible.'"

The actress says totally disapprove of his choices made in the past: "There are things I regret. I made interventions that I regret but fortunately it was temporary interventions, which not end up disappearing. This is good because it does not always succeed me. Now I have a new motto: so be it."

Courteney Cox admits today that there are good points to age as see his daughter - Coco Riley Arquette, the fruit of her marriage to actor David Arquette, from whom she is divorced since 2012 - aged 12 , grow and play "the game of life." The role of mom is perhaps the one that suits him best. 

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Running Wild With Bear Grylls

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