We had announced it ten days after discomfort on stage at the Theater de Paris, Muriel Robin had to stop everything.  

An accident all the more surprising when we had met last summer with François Berléand as she repeated "Momo" The piece of Sébastien Thiéry, Muriel Robin had seemed resplendent, and in great shape.

The Theater of Paris warned the spectators by a release for the less pithy, explaining that MOMO definitively canceled its representations. "Muriel Robin in agreement with the direction of the Theater de Paris must extend his rest to fully recover." We did not know much more. A wind of panic blew on stage as in the audience. The team had tried to give reassuring news on the health of Muriel Robin arguing that it was  " just a sudden fatigue.

It did however not enough to silence the rumors. So history to end it, Muriel Robin decided to speak on his health problems. She took advantage of an interview "Paris Match" to make a point. She thus reveals that it was not just a stroke of passenger pump. Even more serious, Muriel Robin was actually the victim of a pulmonary embolism. "The body produces a blood clot that goes. If it's big, it clogs the heart; if it breaks into pieces, he just clog the arteries of the lungs. In both cases, one dies. Mine had split in two, one says "bilateral clots", So I had two small pieces of each side of the heart. (...) It was not that I remain lying in the hospital, I will not move to prevent the clots move is, "said the actress in detail.

On May 29, in full representation "Momo" Muriel Robin quickly realized that it was something serious: "On stage, I felt that the energy was leaving me, she says. I no longer able to walk fast, to tell my fairly strong aftershocks. My whole body was on fire. I was tingling all over. I approached François Berléand and I whispered to him: "I'm not well, do something." He had just enough time to catch up and brought down the curtain. They stretched me on a bed behind."

Today Muriel Robin getting better but take precautions: "After embolism, one must stop between one and three months. I took fifteen days and I anticoagulants for six months, perhaps a year, perhaps for life. At least I am calm". He concluded: "He still I have to find the energy but I'm doing well, thank you life". Life, Muriel Robin was never found so beautiful.

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