The famous red couch Marc-Olivier Fogiel facilitates confidences. Thus Françoise Hardy has taken the game revelations evoking Uninhibited nature of his special relationship with Jacques Dutronc. "You are masochist. You recognized ..."Begins the facilitator. And the 73 year-old singer replied: "Oh, I think so. Truly (...). I also found that Jacques had sadomasochistic relationship with some of his friends and I told myself that I too had had that report with him."

Françoise Hardy does not hide: yes, history is singular ... But it lasts. After the painful event that Francoise Hardy had to go through in 2015 (a lymphatic cancer diagnosed in 2004, bad falls and chemotherapy last chance), artist and Jacques Dutronc were more aware of the unbreakable bond between them. In an interview with Gala last January, Françoise Hardy has made a wonderful statement to that long shared his life, and who still shares some way. 

"I do not think I would survive him long"

If everything has not always been rosy for both artists, Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc have not dissolved their marriage and remain in contact, even if they lead separate lives since the 1990s. "I have always felt privileged. Even in my love life. I had the chance to love a man who was definitely worth 'worth'", She had explained to our colleagues.

Françoise Hardy continues: "We never lacked affection for one another, but when you're young, jealousy and possessiveness spoil a lot of things. At our age, we got rid of these feelings." He added: "We no longer live together for a long time, anyway. It has an extremely devoted companion with him (...). Personally, I do not think I would survive him long if he were to die before me."

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