Since announcing their separation on November 3, fans of fréro delavega are frustrated. The last weekend, the two singers were keen to explain in an interview with 50 Minutes Inside. Thus, Florian Delavega confessed to want to curb his music career to focus on her family life and her love affair with Natalia Doco. But in fact, is the chosen of his heart? 

"This media exposure ... This is something that suits me more." Florian Delavega was very clear in the program hosted by Sandrine Quétier and Nikos Aliagas the reasons for his departure. At 29, the artist now want to focus on her private life. "I have lots of dreams, build a family, my place for me, my little oasis ... where I would have built my own hands", He has said. 

His dream, then? Start a family with his wife, Natalia Doco. It was in March that Florian Delavega presented for the first time his girlfriend via Instagram. Natalia Doco, half Florian Delavega is, as his companion, musician. Like him, she participated in a talent show (Star Academy, Argentina). It was after this experience that the beautiful brunette flew to Paris, where she met the one that makes his heart beat for a few years. 

"I reached the end of my Mexican experience, I wanted to do something else, keep traveling", Told the main interested in following in 2015. "Finally, during a trip I made in Europe, in Paris on the last day, I met my great love and suddenly I came to be with him. And then at the same time that our love began to blossom, my music too ..." His first album, Mucho Chino, released in 2014, has met with great success.

Unlike his friend, Jeremy Frérot does not drop the music and wishes to continue his solo career, under the watchful eye of his wife, Laure Maunaudou. I must say that it is already very accustomed to the media coverage of his marriage. That fans can rest assured they will enjoy frero Delava until June 2017, end date of their tour. And clap end of their duet ... It only remains to sing: "When memories are involved, tears come to me."

5 was back <May 3 Veranos atrás <3 @flodelavega taaaaan chiquitos !!!!

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