So that one, we did not expect it! So Amanda Lear took years to silence rumors about his sex change, his girlfriend Regine comes revive the debate. In a river interview with the website Purecharts the flamboyant singer assures simply Amanda Lear has always lied ... 

settling or revelation? A sure thing, Amanda Lear risk very badly about taking his girlfriend Regine. The latter is adamant the singer Amanda Lear was first a man. To support his statements, the interpreter of the Little Paper recalls a scene which was marked: "One day I told him "There's salt pork with lentils". She replied: "Owl that remind me of my military service!". I've known boy. She was singing in small bars. It's a character. She is very nice ". Not sure Amanda Lear returns the compliment.

And proof that 85 years Régine has lost none of his outspoken pest, it also takes the favorite personality of the French, Jean-Jacques Goldman. "I'm not a fan of Goldman. Perhaps he felt it, I do not know. I do not dwell on his life. It is very rich, it's going very well, despite her torn sweaters and the whole nine yards ... He does not impress me. " As you can see, Régine is slightly miffed to have never been invited to Dumbs ... Sacred Regine!

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