The World Health Organization (WHO) recommendsexclusive breastfeeding Children up to the age of 6 months. A recommendation that the French are still struggling to follow: thus, 6 months, 1 baby on only 4 is still breastfed.

If breastfeeding has many benefits for the baby and for mom, did you know it can also help us lose our kilos of pregnancy? "During lactation, the energy expenditure of the mother increases significantly because of lactogenesis says Eugénie Auvinet, dietician-nutritionist. Indeed, the production of milk requires much energy ... so this is a process that consumes a lot of calories. "And if it were, the ultimate argument for breastfeeding?

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Absolutely avoid: restrictive diets

These kilos of pregnancy, we can not see the painting. Each time you pass a mirror, we focus on our love handles, tummy and our our thighs - considered titanic. So, the temptation is great to start a calorie diet to find a girl's figure ...

"This is something that is important not to do, warns Eugénie Auvinet. Indeed, during the period of breastfeeding, the body needs a lot of energy to function properly and produce milk for the baby. So, if you reduce caloric intake, it may worsen fatigue and develop some deficiencies. It's dangerous for children ... and for us. "

"Rather than a plan (useless and dangerous) I recommend a diet rebalancing. Make healthy meals with a serving of vegetables, one serving of starchy and a portion of meat, eggs or fish. It adds 1 milk, 1 fruit and 1 good fat: avocado or olive oil, for example. Diversify your maximum power, paying attention to simple sugars (which are to be avoided at most) and lipids (which are limited). Opt for fat-free cooking: steam, for example. "

"Do not worry if your appetite increases while you are breast-feeding period: this is perfectly normal, the body needs more calories, added the specialist. I advise fragmenting food intake: 3 main meals + 1 snack or 6 small meals throughout the day or 3 main meals + 2 snacks ... Listen to your body and especially your hunger! "

Beware cravings "fatigue"

During the 6 months following thedelivery, we are constantly tired. Babies do not sleep through the night, you have to manage all the logistics every day, breastfeed at fixed times ... It's very difficult.

"Warning: some people, stress and fatigue favor snacks, especially in the late afternoon, "says dietician-nutritionist. The solution: choose healthy snacks and diet, which can nibble without feeling guilty. Fresh fruit, for example, or oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts). Also keep a bottle of water at hand: sometimes, just a sip for the urge to snack reparte as she had come!

The sport as soon as possible

We know: to find a harmonious silhouette, there is nothing better than to engage in regular physical activity. Quickly, increasing muscle mass and the silhouette becomes firmer.

"As soon as you feel able, resume regular physical activity at least 30 minutes a day, advises Eugénie Auvinet. However, do not zeal: if your perineal is not over, if you feel exhausted, not worth putting on your sneakers. "

The recommended sports? Brisk walking - with baby in the stroller, why not? Otherwise, if you want to take a little time for you, the swimming is recommended: this gentle sport allows global refinement of the silhouette without brutalizing or muscles or joints.

One last tip? "If you took a lot of weight during pregnancy (that is to say over 20 kg for a single pregnancy), please make an appointment with a dietician: this will give you appropriate advice to your particular situation and may even offer you menus for weight loss. "

Eugenie thank you Auvinet, dietician-nutritionist.

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