This is not a dissociated diet

This method is often confused with the dissociated diet: with the Montignac method, it does not make "dissociation", but a "good partnership". Indeed, Sybille Montignac explains that it does not delete anything, the three macronutrients are present in everyday life (fats, carbohydrates and proteins). We can eat everything without the unpleasant sensation to forego. 

This is the glycemic index that determines our choices

Certainly, one can eat everything, but he must still know to make the right choice. They made their choice based on their glycemic index. For example fats, good fats is favored (walnut oil, olive oil, rather than for example peanut oil). Also, we will opt for wholemeal bread rather than wholemeal bread, as opposed to what we think the whole bread is not good glycemic index which is almost the same as white bread.

Watching the glycemic index of a food is to look at its ability to raise blood sugar after a meal. This blood glucose that occurs after a meal, will cause a more or less insulin secretion, which will define the orientation stocking or storage, so to gain weight or not. 

... But you do not count calories

Unlike most diets, you do not count calories, eat his fill. Foods with low glycemic index but high in fiber, for example, are true allies, because they increase the feeling of fullness.

No deprivation, but fun

This "healthy diet", is a method without deprivation, it does not remove any food: you can eat chocolate, provided it is made from 70% cocoa minimum, we can grant a cheese plate, focusing goat cheese, sheep and hard cheeses such as the county or the cantal. Like pasta? No problem, but opt ​​for spaghetti.

Eating out is not prohibited, you just pay attention to the accompaniment. You can order a meat or fish, and even an omelet, provided to request vegetables or salad as an accompaniment. It also avoids rush on the bread basket, since there is little chance that either the integral bread!

The Montignac method is for whom?

Not a diet per se, this method can apply to all profiles, woman as a man. Even pregnant women, particularly in order to limit gestational diabetes. Unless medical advice so everyone can get started, since it eats everything, there is no waiting.

Thank you to Sybille Montignac, Dietician,

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