A balanced diet ... not to mention the small pleasures

In May 2015, Jessica Alba has revealed his eating habits to the magazine US Weekly. The beautiful American (she is originally from California) says: "I try to eat balanced enough with organic products and fresh. But I do not deprive myself of any kind of food. I do not eat a lot of industrial products, it is surely the most important. But it's not as if I never was using. I love crisps, snacks and things like that. "

We think what? Jessica Alba has surely found "the" good slimming strategy. For, indeed, the industrial products be avoided when you want to lose weight: packed with saturated fats, sugars and chemical additives, they disrupt the metabolism and promote fat storage.

Food "homemade" is thus preferred, ideally organic, local and seasonal! But the worst enemy of our figure is ... frustration. Also, if you have a passion for chocolate, do not deprive yourself: treat yourself without abuse. Moreover, it is rumored that the American star would never say "no" to a Martini ...

A macrobiotic diet

To lose her faster kilos of pregnancy (Spoiler: she managed to lose 11 kilos without losing the smile, lucky), Jessica Alba has embarked on a macrobiotic diet, as she told as part of an exclusive interview at Net-a-Porter magazine.

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, this health-system (= the first goal is not weight loss) ranks foods into two categories: yin yang foods and food. Specifically, avoid the "very yin" foods (refined sugar, raw vegetables, tropical fruits, nuts, alcohol ...) and those "very yang" (meat, poultry, refined salt, coffee, spices ...) to focus on food balanced between two poles: whole grains, vegetables, seaweed, legumes, white fish ...

To lose his kilos of pregnancy, Jessica Alba trusted the macrobiotic diet

We think what? No serious scientific publication legitimate the macrobiotic diet. If it has some advantages (thanks to fibers that make up 60% of the base, it is easily satiated and nibble less, for example), it is still a difficult regime to implement daily because very restrictive.

In fact, many foods are forbidden (sausages, dairy products, coffee and tea, to name a few) and the recommended foods are hard to find in supermarkets: frustration occurs quite rapidly and with it, the effect yo-yo! In brief, the macrobiotic diet, they are not believed.

Weight training three times a week

To view shapely legs too, so perfect buttocks and arms without any effect "bat" Jessica Alba is all about strength training. Three times a week, she jumps at the gym for a session of about an hour, with targeted exercises on the arms and thighs.

We think what? Sport does not lose weight. However, as part of a balanced diet three weight training sessions per week allow you to sculpt a beautiful silhouette, firm and toned. Conscientious, the American star will never forget his end stretching session for at least 10 minutes is needed to avoid soreness. A slimming trick 100% confirmed!

A corset

In line with Nabilla and Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba has given in to the sirens slimming corset to eradicate his kilos of pregnancy She has worn a sheath during 3 months of night and day. "I was sweating, but it was worth the penalty," she told the Net-a-Porter magazine. Before warn us: "It's brutal, it's not for everyone. "

We think what? No, no, and re-no. The corset diet is a dangerous idea ineffective: indeed, if this torture device was abandoned in the late 19th century, there was a good reason!

In the long term, its use may, in bulk, to injure internal organs (liver, spleen, kidneys), skin damage, weaken the ribs and restrict breathing. Moreover, the lack of oxygen bound to brace the port may contribute to metabolic syndrome, which can itself cause weight gain ... not smart.

A cure detox from time to time

All American stars or nearly succumbed to the new detox program in fashion: "Clean" by Dr. Alejandro Junger. And Jessica Alba is a fan!

The principle: during 21 days it takes a smoothie for breakfast (consisting of vegetable fats, fruits and vegetables), a solid meal for lunch (steamed vegetables + one serving of legumes + lean meat) and a soup instead of dinner. You eat anything after 19:30, it goes to the bathroom at least 10 times a day, we played sports and limit the screens.

We think what? In principle, the detox cure, we are not against. Moreover, the change of season is a good way to set the record straight body at the time and a fresh start. The excess kilos fly!

Instead, follow a cure detox for 21 days can be dangerous for your health, especially if you have a chronic disease (diabetes or hypertension, for example). It is imperative to seek medical advice before embarking - GP or naturopath doctor.

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