• The slimming advice of nutritionist
  • Aperitif
  • Having dinner
  • Dessert
  • A still drink ...
  • Cravings
  • A sweet treat
  • The charcuterie is allowed
  • Enjoy your meat
  • At a cocktail party
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The slimming advice of nutritionist

"Eating should remain friendly when to know to have fun provided to balance every meal you make or following your day if you let go too as an aperitif for example or snack.

For the rest, you have to use common sense and knowledge remain reasonable. Avoid any type of mayonnaise sauces albeit with surimi. Because a stick is an excellent choice but accompanied mayonnaise is a small bomb of calories and fat to your line. For sweet, it's the same. Bypass anything resembling even pastries and stay with reasonable low-fat cakes. "

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Replace a handful of peanuts by a handful of roasted soybeans. You'll save 170 calories per 100 g.

Peanuts have two defects: salt and fat. By replacing soybeans was less fat, more protein and less salt, limiting at the same time, the water retention.

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Having dinner

Replace your pizza 4 cheese pizza with a vegetable-goat. Much less fat, it contains fewer calories (150 cal less per 100 g) especially if you choose with a fine paste. It is also less rich in salt.

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Like sweet? Between a yarrow and a pancake with sugar balance your heart ... For your online prefer the pancake sugar which can be accompanied with seasonal fruits.
Balanced and significantly less high in calories, 150 calories pancake against 500 calories for the cake, you can even lighten somewhat by slightly reducing flour dose.

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A still drink ...

Fall for the green olives and turn back with black olives. With more than twice the calories per 100 g, the choice is quickly made. For an idea, green olives contain 123 calories and 11 grams of fat against 294 calories and 30 grams of fat for the black olives 100g.

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Let the little packet of crisps in the cupboard and grab more patties whole grains. You'll save about 220 cal per 100 g and a good dose of fat that do not turn into cellulite.

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A sweet treat

You can afford a sweet way but just be sure to choose well. Between a almond croissant and a chocolate flash, melt for lightning which comprises about 225 calories and 9.5 g of fat for a cake against 409 calories and 25 g of lipids for increasing the almonds. And if you really want a growing, remain reasonable and choose a croissant that will bring you 195 calories and 10 g fat.

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The charcuterie is allowed

As a starter, having dinner with a salad or an appetizer, you can allow you charcuterie but beware, charcuterie is rich in salt, calories and fat, so limit them ill effects choosing slices of Grisons which contain 132 calories per 100 g and forget dry sausage which contains 440 cal per 100 g. But beware, this is not a reason to abuse because the salt content is very important.

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Enjoy your meat

You like red meat but you do not know which is best for your line. The ideal is white but red meat side meat, prefer the chopped steak to 5% fat to prime rib. The ground beef contains 129 calories 100 g against 257 calories to the coast.

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At a cocktail party

On the buffet Taramasalata toasts or toast with lumpfish roe, head towards the latter. For 5 toast Taramasalata necks take 360 ​​cal and 28 g of fat against 205 calories and 7.5 g fat 5 to toast the lump eggs.

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Unable to finish a meal without a little bit of cheese ... So be reasonable and treat yourself with a piece of goat and leave for other Camembert. It contains 283 calories per 100g against about 82 fresh goat. Finally attention to the bread you eat with your cheese and it is also better to eat lunch and not at night.

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