5) I prefer salty "friend". OK for salty snacks in late afternoon if it helps you to wait until dinner but beware, not saturated or sausage fat cheese. Let go instead on a slice of ham. You roll it, you chew and it costs you 67 calories, less than whole milk yogurt! Practices also surimi sticks, 20 calories room. A hard-boiled egg (about 80 calories) will have the advantage to fill you up. For the same calorie intake you can also try four small quail eggs. !

6) I always raw vegetables to crunch in the fridge. Without any doubt, they are the stars of smart snacking. Very low in calories, you can use it and abuse it without affecting your line. The trick is to always have your small reserves ready to chew. And you're spoiled for choice: cherry tomatoes, red or black radishes, carrots, cauliflower, celery, endive, peppers and even pickles.

7) I put on the liquid. Rely drinking to forget his hunger. But there's much more fun than big glass of water or a cup of green tea. Examples ? A tomato juice, a smoothie or milk with a dash of orgeat syrup. It is a little more calories, but so much nicer!

8) I'm not afraid candy. In terms of fun snack that does not pay immediately on the scale, think very effective sugarless candy to distract you from your hunger. To leave quietly melt in the mouth, to enjoy as long as possible in this moment of sweet pleasure.

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