Cellulite, really? Well, at first glance, we do not believe too ... It looks like a simple bell transparent silicone. Yet, according to the leaflet, the Cellu-cup could become your new ally slimming: it can reproduce the technique at home rolling massage. It's simple: you massage your thigh to break the clusters of fat cells that give the famous effect "orange peel". They release the fat that turns into energy ... And bye cellulite!

On paper, it is clear: it's effective. Nora, one of our editors, tested it to check. Verdict? "The Cellu-cup is fairly simple to use. It should coat the treated area, or massage oil or soapy water. Until then, nothing too restrictive. When you need to pinch the Cellu-cup and apply to massage, it gets complicated. Once installed, the capsule sucks hard skin. So, the massage is painful and I can not hurt me, even for a good cause! Second problem: to reach the back of the thigh, it must be a little contortionist ... Otherwise I think it works. "

It is clear, the Cellu-cup massage can work wonders. By doing good every day, we get results quickly: the skin becomes firm and smooth. If you are really motivated, flexible enough and not too cozy ... Get Started!

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