Sophie Favier in figures is 52 years old, 1.68 meters and 79 kilos. But by December, she hopes that 79 becomes 64.

To quickly lose those 15 kilos, the presenter uses Jean-Pierre Clémenceau, the trainer of the stars (Alice Taglioni, Jane Birkin ...) and the nutritionist Laurence Plumey. Both will need to help Sophie to take control of his body and to adopt an irreproachable lifestyle. For the first challenge that will launch next January Sophie Favier will achieve an ultra-sexy choreography like that of the Crazy Horse dancers with its new forms.

To follow the progress of Sophie Favier, pitched his camera at the gym and at his table. Each month, we will follow a new episode slimming adventures of Sophie Favier who entrust us their difficulties and victories over its excess weight. 

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