Ten tips to climb the counter

  1. At the office, leave the screen and pause "on" every 20 minutes. This is excellent for the eyes, for concentration and for the line. Prize: 200 steps per break, or longer if Cafet is away.
  2. At home, when you call, make a habit of doing the 100 steps and walk the long stay wide. Bonus: 100 1 000 not easy if you are talkative.
  3. Take a consistently earlier station the bus or subway. By car, park a little further. Gain 1 000-2000 no average day.
  4. Prefer stairs to elevators. Four floors = 13 kcal lost
  5. Do some window shopping, attending the markets, fairs, garage sales and exhibitions. Again, it's 1000 not gained effortlessly.
  6. Find a walking partner or to motivate you and chat.
  7. Walk the dog and presto 1000 and no longer a bone of contention within.
  8. Invest in a bracelet of activity and walking shoes. Studies prove that the more one team more motivation and results rise, over time.
  9. Increase your score by fixing you gradually bearings (1000 steps per week).
  10. Addicted to TV or Netflix? Whenever there is a break, made 3 pumps and 3 jumps from star to 3 minutes (15 kcal lost!).

All in! 

You are missing still not 3000 or more each day? Any sport or domestic physical activity results in energy expenditure and can be converted into number of steps.
3000 = not 5 minutes rollers = 20 minutes of swimming or cycling = 30 minutes of jogging or brisk walking = an hour of yoga
3000 not h = ½ cleaning (with vacuuming) = 45 minutes DIY or gardening.

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