It is the most famous cake layers (layer cake). The Rainbow Cake, or rainbow cookie, we eyeful when one slice. Under his cream pure white, the colors of the rainbow sky invitation to gluttony. A feast for the eyes and taste buds, for birthdays young and old, boy or girl. Print fast recipe details of the rainbow sky cake.

Easier to prepare than it appears, the rainbow sky cake is to stack several layers of good colored sponge cake, sandwiched by white cream layers.

The tricky part is the cooking as an overcooked dye will lose its intensity, and undercooked cookie will be difficult to handle.

Furthermore, observe the color order for your rainbow sky worthy of the name.

For the icing, beat with mixer the cream cheese with the sugar. But do not use especially mixer: it would transform your soup cream.

The thing more: if you want to flavor your eaves, you can use essential oils. At the rate of three drops per cookie (payable in advance in a teaspoon to avoid accidents), you can safely use lemon, mandarin, sweet orange, bergamot, lavender or the small grain Seville orange. Unless you prefer more intense flavors like cinnamon or ginger ...

Finally, if the theme of the rainbow sky Please, you find delightful invitation cards pop up free printable. 

Artwork: Sarah Vasseghi

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