As winter begins to leave us only to give way to sunny days, endives still find their place on the shelves. Take the opportunity to try this delicious recipe endive with ham, revisited by Jean Imbert.

This gratin endives wrapped in ham and topped with bechamel is a typical dish from the north of France. In the traditional recipe, the vegetables are cooked in boiling salted water. Here, the former winner of Top Chef revisits the back by the endives in a pan. Result: an express recipe, ready in 14 minutes flat!

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Endive: the star of the winter

Winter Vegetable, chicory (or "chicory" in the North) is very easy to prepare and can be eaten raw or cooked. Braised, salad, baked, velvety ... it eats all the sauces! You want to lessen his bitterness? Take a cone 2 or 3 cm at the base of chicory. You can also add a little sugar in their cooking water, or brown sugar in skillet.

To choose it, observe its leaves (they must be firm, tight and white, slightly fringed yellow) and the base of the bud, which should be as white as possible. Keep them in the crisper of the refrigerator, wrapped in tissue paper.

Jean Imbert and Carrefour Market: allies in favor of "eating well"

As part of the "1, 2, 3, costs go! "Jean Imbert, in partnership with Carrefour Market, reveals 24 new recipes (6 per season). Ultra simple, these recipes are all attainable in 14 minutes chrono, and respectful of the freshness and seasonality. These short videos will be posted throughout the year on the website and social networks of the brand.


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