thatWe call caviar These are fish eggs, beware, not any fish: sturgeon. This big fish was caught so for its precious eggs, it hardly longer exists in the wild. The fishing is also completely banned since 1998. After the USSR and Iran which had the monopoly, many countries have engaged in animal husbandry. Would you have guessed that the great caviar producers currently are, foremost, China, with 30 tonnes in 2013, followed by Italy, France, with an excellent caviar from Aquitaine, Israel or the United States and Canada?

The house Petrossian  was the first imported Russian caviar in France in 1920. This family company always offers a choice of caviar: baeri (Siberian sturgeon), Alverta, Asetra (says Osetra), beluga ... Petrossian has become an institution, so so that today his name is completely associated with caviar. Armen Petrossian heir of the family is always on the company letterhead.

But why is it so expensive? From 1800 to 12 800 € Caviar is one of the most expensive products in the world after saffron (€ 30,000 per kilo)! But rest assured, you can already make you happy with 20 or 30 grams! The caviar comes from fish require 7 to 10 years of breeding before the sometimes over 15 years for the beluga harvest! Knowing that only females make eggs for harvesting must kill, this explains the scarcity of the product! But its flavor is so powerful that a few grams are enough! So treat yourself this Christmas!

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