The benefits of seasonal food

Is it still necessary to recall all the benefits of a diet based on seasonal products? First, it is good for the planet. naturally grown products use less energy than those grown in greenhouses, and require less fertilizer to grow. As a bonus, eating season allows local consumption and thus CO2 emissions from imports. Then it is good for us : You ingest fewer chemicals, our diet is more varied and it is full of vitamins, because the seasonal fruits and vegetables are soaked! Finally, foods that have had time to grow at their own pace are simply tastier, because they have had time to develop all their flavors. In addition, they are cheaper ...


The foods of summer

vegetables: garlic, artichoke, aubergine, beet, red beet, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, gherkin, courgettes, watercress, spinach, fennel, French bean, romaine lettuce, maize, sorrel, pepper, potato, pumpkin, radish

fruits:apricot, blueberry, banana, nectarine, black currant, cherry, lemon, fresh fig, strawberry, raspberry, currant, gooseberry, melon, plum, blackberry, blueberry, nectarine, hazelnut, melon, peach, pear, plum, grape, tomato

meat: lamb, duck, rabbit, lamb, pigeon, guinea fowl, chicken, wild boar, veal 

Fish and seafood : anchovies, squid, hake, shrimp, gray sea bream, lobster, haddock, lobster, scampi, pollack, mackerel, skate, mullet, sardines, pout, white tuna, crab, turbot.

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