How have you made the map Moulin Rouge®?

I was lucky to have the choice of dishes and products. This is also what attracted me: I was leaving a white sheet. There was absolutely everything to do, like the opening of a hotel restaurant. I created the map drawing inspiration from my experiences and my influences. I traveled a lot, some of the dishes I propose mix the South where I worked several years the UK where I come from ... The Breton lobster with summer vegetables is a good example!

white card was also left you in the choice of suppliers?

I am my own purchasing director. It's much more interesting than to let someone who does not necessarily know the products ... This allows me to work with the best suppliers of Paris Saint-Honoré Rooster, Metzger butcher and Nivernais, this is really what who does best. I already was giving with some of them before, but I discovered other in the 18th district as Colonial Street Lepic counter. I work in love at heart and I try as much as possible to walk the neighborhood businesses. I think it is important.

What looks like the kitchen?

This is a rather classic cuisine with traditional sauce base ... Anyway, it is now back to basics in the kitchen. But it offers very careful cuisine and good order. And above all, based on fresh products that respect seasonality. I do not want to serve lobster in winter or put foie gras on my summer card. I also have an entry based beets remember frilly dancers. This is the festive side that goes with the cabaret.

And thatIs what it brings to the Moulin Rouge®?

It clearly regilds his image. Cabarets of Paris are not necessarily known for the quality of food served there. There, we have the pleasure to attend the show, and to eat well. And we already have good returns on it, customers are very satisfied ... Even Parisians! 

And you, that'In it for you?

Great personal satisfaction because it was a challenge and I like a challenge! no one is left to create something entirely new. And it seems to work, since it happens to serve food qualities to more than 500 people per day ... We're not going to lie, I also more conducive to family life schedules. I see my children more often and that is priceless.

What are the plans for the future?

We expect a local dedicated to the pastry in order to install a pastry chef. For now, we still provide at Dalloyau, which offers us still of very good quality desserts. But it will be even more stunning to have a menu 100% Moulin Rouge® from appetizer to dessert. Stay tuned.

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