Long confined to healthy cooking, steam cooking is gradually gaining acclaim. Widely used by top chefs, this technique is now popular with more and more fans and more savvy cooks. No wonder this: it is full of strengths.

The most obvious is that of health. Steam cooking allows to cook without fat, but also to retain the nutritional qualities, minerals and vitamins food. Another advantage is that it prevents drying of meat and fish. The taste, textures and colors are well preserved. To hurry, steaming is also a valuable ally. It allows real time saver since food can cook together without flavor transfer.

And why not a steam oven?

While it is true that one is accustomed to cooked-all steam, the steam oven remains meanwhile more mysterious. However, this device makes great service and is not very complicated to use. The idea tempts you, but you do not know if it will suit you? What techniques will you use? Do not panic, here are some ideas to guide you.

First, a steam oven allows various cooking methods that will exhale flavors and unleash your creativity, based on the level range you choose. At Electrolux eg Combisteam collection offers four levels: Access, Advance, Deluxe and Vacuum.

Everything is allowed !

The key of the steam oven is its ability to modulate the percentage of steam and combining other cooking modes, as permitted by the range Combisteam Electrolux. At 100% steam for example, you will cook perfect rice, fish, crunchy vegetables as in the best restaurants. At 50% steam associated with convection, you get a moist cooking perfect for fresh or frozen foods or warm gently. At 25% steam and convection, you stews, casseroles, homemade bread crisp. Because yes, it is possible to roast and brown with steam! And to cook meat and fish to perfection, the Combisteam steam ovens have a cooking probe to be successful every time. Finally, cook at home in the manner of a leader is not something impossible. With these furnaces, you great food, tasty recipes, culinary emotions. Impress your family, impress your friends ... It'll just try!

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