What's the hand spinner?

On the street and in the shops, you see "hand spinner" everywhere. Still virtually unknown a few weeks ago, this small utensil with three heads, halfway between the top and the anti-stress experienced a meteoric rise! The toy, created to help autistic and hyperactive to concentrate, and has since been adopted by all their classmates, all the rage in schools.

For our part, we remain somewhat skeptical about such a passion, not ready to jump into the trend with both feet ... But some minds are more creative (and less stuffy?) Than ours: this is the case cook this blogger, who turned a video where we see the hand spinner used in cooking.

How to use the hand spinner to make trim decorations?

If you believe the video is simple: Place the hand spinner at the bottom of a plate, turn it and then pour the sauce drops (here, balsamic cream) on the subject during that he turns. The projected droplets around the hand spinner then form a geometric circle! Use of course a plate high edges, like a dish, so white as possible to better appreciate the decor.
Place a few decorative elements in the circle (salad leaves, edible flowers) and drop a lovely piece of meat and fish. It's ready, your plate looks like a chef, you can present it with pride. You can also make his hand spinner to your child ...

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