The Old Port of Marseille

Where Canebière runs into the arms of the Old Port, the fish traders set up their stalls before dawn. If they are not very numerous, they have not lost their pride. The recipe bouillabaisse starts here, facing all these rock fish - gallinettes, scorpion fish, red mullet - whose character gives his taste at the famous fish soup.

The Camargue

This is one of the wildest places in Provence and a land of culinary traditions. They grow rice since Henry IV. White, red or black depending on the variety and method of processing. It goes wonderfully with the Camargue bull stew, Camargue recipe with red wine and spirited animal, raised for battle in the arenas of Arles and Nîmes, the meat of which has an AOC.

Mont Ventoux

For the muscat grape, grown in the region since ancient times, the Mont Ventoux is anything but a hell. Blue berries, bursting with sugar and very fragrant, have been awarded an AOC. Descending to the Sault, you meet other delicacies like the famous nougats, white and black, made with honey lavender and Provencal almonds. The first tender to perfection, the second is to eat!


Facing the Savoy peaks on one side and the Mediterranean on the other, the French Alps are the roof of Provence. A paradise! In the alpine meadows, cows graze grass so fat and so rich that volumes of cheese remembered. Honey bees produce a high purity. And there picks up the wormwood, the source of a strengthening liquor.

The Baux de Provence

There is the hilltop village, one of the most beautiful in France and all around a land born for vines and olive trees. Three AOC there were obtained, one for oil, the other two for candied olives. Big ones olivesblack are retained in the salt. Green, picked before maturity, are "broken" traditionally by hand using a glass, then immersed in the brine flavored with fennel.

Old Nice

If you have never tasted the socca is at least reason enough to visit Old Nice market on the Cours Saleya, just steps from the Promenade des Anglais. Socca is a golden pancake, made with chickpea flour, which is eaten with the fingers, seasoned with pepper. With the pissaladière, Pan-Bun, chard pie and stuffed, it is one of the delights of the popular local cuisine.


Here is a beautiful village at the heart of the Maures hills, where the chestnut forests are numerous. This is why, for centuries, it excels in the tradition of candied chestnuts. The chestnuts, frozen after a gentle and slow penetration of sugar, are known to be fondants wish.

Aix en Provence

Calissons are an irresistible delicacy made of candied fruit and almonds ground dating back to the fifteenth century. But we do not travel to Aix-en-Provence only for this specialty. The city is also famous for its magnificent markets for its "leg Petain" - eggplant confit recipe long oven - and for its rosé wines, white and red.

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