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Canned tuna (such as sardines or mackerel) Is one of the most popular food in France. It is also the symbol of overfishing and the environmental disaster it causes. For the 2nd consecutive year Greenpeace  publishes the good and bad students at distributors Tuna canned. A ranking which to choose its canned tuna supermarket more responsibly.

  • This is not necessarily the leading brand that is most responsible because in the 10 major French distributors of tuna, it is the group U system which is positioned as the best student in all criteria defined by Greenpeace (fishing criterion, criterion of tuna species, quality of supply and achieve political progress between last year and this year 2015).
  • Lighthouse tuna Eckmühl and Constable in the right direction by committing to no longer distribute tropical tuna caught via DCP (floating system for overfishing).
  •  Petit Navire, despite a campaign access on sustainability, is not very good student. The brand has introduced any measures to practice more responsible fishing.
  • As in 2014, Leclerc and Casino remain latest ranking since no change was observed by the NGO.

In France, 9 out of 10 families on average consume canned tuna. In one year are not less than 71 435 tonnes of preserves that were purchased. 

Discover the ranking by Greenpeace:

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