Between the Christmas shopping, the realization of fir and development gourmet gifts trim, the end of year holidays can quickly become stressful for those who receive ... But this year are gold-ga-ni-SES! Our tip? It is anticipated menu and the dressings to enjoy the evening background. First step: the entrance.

Discover all our recipes for easy input for Christmas

No need to spend hours in the kitchen to make a beautiful festive entry. A tray of oysters beautifully presented, the foie gras on toast gingerbread, of the blinis tepid covered with thin slices of smoked salmon... By playing the presentation, it is easy to please all guests. Get out your best presentation trays, nicely install your party products and enjoy!

Enthusiasts foie gras know it well: the house terrines Always Great success! Prepared several days in advance, it remains only to get the big day your terrine and accompany fatty liver slices a small Figs Chutney or one candied onions... Success guaranteed!

Another solution: dressage to plate. The night before or the morning of Christmas Eve, prepare your entries directly on their plate. Carpaccio, tartar, ceviche, make your choice ! For example, we love these recipes carpaccio of sea bream to the Corsican clementine or in this version Walnut St. Jacques Square and Fees coconut... These preparations are ideal to enjoy appetizer with the guests ... 

Super practices also glasses ! They are easily worked (and ahead) nice appetizers. Just assemble some ingredients to create that wow effect we love so much. Fall for these recipes glasses radish, in his version winterpretzels, stewed shallots and raclette or even more surprising as these exotic glasses dice Seared Foie Gras. 

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