In spring, asparagus is back. Excellent for health and easy to cook, we will not deny it, much less for Easter! With their delicate flavor, asparagus can marry all the sauces for a spring meal!

Find our 80 recipes to make with asparagus

We can both put in preparing a risotto in a good pasta dish or in a quiche.

Entrance, realize small bundles, rolling your asparagus in a slice of smoked salmon or sausage. Presented on a bed of salad, success is guaranteed!

This vegetable also combines well with meat than fish. Sea side, test the roulades of sole with orange and asparagus. On land, try the veal with morels cobblestones, and enjoy!

Top: cook asparagus in boiling water and the warm taste, accompanied by dressing.

asparagus or green asparagus?

These two varieties of asparagus are as good as one another. Thewhite asparagus has just been harvested in the ground, while the green pushed daylight, hence its color.

The advantage with green asparagus is that it is not necessary to peel. The white are a little more expensive, but more refined palate ...

Each therefore has everything to seduce you, for you to see!

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