The spot opens with happy images of children playing together. Then appears alone Fridah, a Zambian girl of 12 who give birth in September. This film, produced on the initiative of the Finnish branch of the association Plan International, intends to voluntarily move the viewer and raise awareness at the international level, to the issue of child motherhood. The message that punctuates the clip speaks for itself not leave indifferent: "The beginning of a child is the end of another". It must be said that reality is beyond comprehension: Each year, 7 million children are involved in developing countries.  


Unveiled on August 14 in Helsinki, clothing collection launched for the occasion six maternity dresses designed by the creative Paola Suhonen. If it has voluntarily chosen joyful and romantic shapes and colors, but also to highlight the contrast between this major event, but occurred too early in the life of girls who are not yet women, and innocence should be theirs. As stated in the message that closes the film, "Let's make sure that collection is not required".

If Fridah is supported by his family, this is not the case of many young women who leave the school benches and are often condemned to live in misery.


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