Eternal life is not for tomorrow. Scientists from the universities of Tilburg and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, are indeed deliver a study in which they reveal that human longevity merely 115 years threshold it could not exceed. This finding is the result of long and complex calculations and differs slightly depending on whether one is a man or a woman, the fairer sex would have a maximum life expectancy of 115.7 years, their male counterparts 114.1 years .


To achieve this, the researchers relied on a recent gathering of statistics database on 30 years on a sample of 75,000 Dutch whose exact age of death was reported. If scientists find an increase in life expectancy on average, the number of Dutch who 95 years has indeed almost tripled over this period, the high ceiling it would not have moved. According to John Einmahl, one of the authors of the study, "we undoubtedly deal a wall".


While the findings of scientific research group should be published next month, which would observe their methods of calculation, recall that the French Dean, a Breton by the name of Honorine Rondello, blew the 114 candles July.

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