If vitamins are essential to spend a winter without a hitch, trace elements optimize the body's defenses, facilitate healing and prevent diet drops. Zinc, selenium associated and weakened the reproductive capacity of the virus. And that's good because they can be found both in oysters and seafood that are often present on the festive tables of years. Also present in seafood and shellfish, but also in nuts, seeds, liver, kidneys and pulses, it activates metabolism, protects the body from infection and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be mixed with other trace elements, particularly silver which has a complementary antiseptic action. These trace elements are available in pharmacies in the form of bulbs or lozenges. They are also found in multivitamin complexes. They can also be valuable at this time of the year, provided, as emphasized Dr. Serfaty-Lacrosnière that their decision does not exceed 1 to 2 months. " In general, it is better to avoid single supplement and seek advice from their doctor or pharmacist.

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